Valentines Day

I’ve got two tests tomorrow and an essay to write but somehow i find myself distracted by thoughts of pink hearts and roses.You guessed it, valentines day. It’s that time of year again. February 14th is just a couple days away! usually, the holiday comes and goes without any excitement on my behalf. Typically I’d hit up the gym and work on my homework because this year February fourteenth falls on a Tuesday, and that is all. I’d roll my eyes at the sappy posts and cliche gifts, including teddy bears, jewelry, and flowers, all of which I never quite understood. The whole idea just sounds really depressing, don’t you think? Putting so much pressure on one night. Receiving beautiful flowers only to put them in a vase and watch them slowly become less and less vibrant until they die altogether. If someone were to have told me that in a years time I’d be one of those giddy girls daydreaming over the idea of it, I would have laughed in their face. But here I am. 2017. the first year that i have my very own valentine and i couldn’t be more excited. My current boyfriend of six months and i will be celebrating valentines day and im hoping more than anything for a single rose. Something about one rose just seems so romantic to the new love drunk me. The only issue us i haven’t gotten him anything yet and i only have two days left! what do boys even like for valentines day? leave a comment below! Alright i should seriously start my homework now, logging off



Gas Station Flirting Disaster

Fellow bloggers of WordPress! I totally need to share this with you. Today I went to get gas and the cashier was super cute. I  thought he might have been flirting with me, and later I decided to go back and ask for his number. You only live once so why not? I have to admit I was quite nervous but I worked up the courage to approach him again. I said “hey, I was just wondering if”.. and then he looked at me. with blue eyes and a smirk that was so darn cute. I froze midsentence, broke eye contact, said “sorry, nevermind.” and practically ran from the store.  It was so mortifying. And this my friends is why I should not flirt. Leave me some of your flirting disasters or crush stories in the comments below!

reporting live with embarrassing stories, AnonymouslyRelatable

My Sixteenth Birthday

Hey WordPress,

Wow, it’s sure been a while. Looking back at some of my older posts makes me both happy, nostalgic, and of course, make me wonder what I was thinking. wow, was I ever boy crazy. I’ve certainly come a long way. Exams are this week. I just wrote chemistry today and I think I aced it. (off topic), but anyways, I came home and looked in the mirror. And this might sound cliche, but it really hit me…I’m going to be sixteen tomorrow. It’s so hard to believe, it seems like yesterday I was running around in my pyjamas, just a carefree little girl, and now I’m all grown up. I’m a woman. Geez, that is scary, I can only imagine how my dad is feeling. It’s just really hitting home I guess. Tomorrow will mark sixteen years that I’ve been alive and I find that quite amazing. Birthdays are so underrated in my opinion. I’ve spent my entire childhood watching the media portray sixteen as such a fantastic year with so much freedom and a birthday party that is out of this world. Now it’s my turn. Scratch the big cake and extravagant gifts. That’s not really my style. But my barbeque with all my close friends sounds like a great kick off to not only a new year for me but also to the beginning of summer! I know this is sort of redundant, but I just wanted to share my excitement and cheer for what this year has to offer. I’m thinking about making a list of what I want to get accomplished this coming year…or would that cause too much pressure? Maybe I’ll try a new approach and be spontaneous! Let me know what you think in the comments below:) Also good luck to any of you who are writing exams, and thanks for listening!

Lots of love, AnonymouslyRelatable:)

Mall Haul!!

Hey, guys! This week I’ve been completely swamped with work but last night I got the chance to head out to the mall for some shopping! I am beyond excited to show you what I got:)


So first off I got some jeans because I have once again outgrown all of the pants that I currently own. (curse my long legs) American eagle was having a ‘Buy one get one 50% off’ sale, so, of course, I just HAD to get two pairs. It took my ages to find a pair (let alone two), that were long enough, but it was well worth it!

Moving on. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I really like  have a most likely unhealthy obsession with American Eagle’s ‘Soft and Sexy’ collection. Every time that I go to the store I end up buying, at least, one. The red and white one I bought, not only because it was super cute and comfortable, but also because red and white are my school colors, and we have spirit days all the time! I paired it with my new ripped jeans and my good old converse for an outfit that I think looks cool and casual. IMG_2844

The army green T-shirt is super classic and only cost me $9.00! Paired with some brown boots and skinny jeans, This shirt can look cute and trendy! Wear a thick belt and some accessories to really make a statement!IMG_2852.JPG

Next, I got a pair of grown up shoes as I like to call them. IMG_2843(I classify grown up shoes as any pair of shoes that make noise when you walk). Although I usually stick to converse 24/7, Manchester’s was having a half off sale and the shoes were too cute to resist, so I made an exception. The designs on them are super girly and the burgundy colour goes with pretty much anything! I am so excited to wear them next time I attend anything even moderately formal.

Last but not least, to conclude last night’s shopping adventure; my grandmother and stopped to browse in a luggage store and I came across a name brand wallet for only $11! I’m all about the deals, and that is one I just couldn’t pass up. Not to mention the fact that I was in desperate need of a new wallet. One that was compact, unlike the gigantic flowery clutch wallets most girls have that can’t fit in any pocket of any size. What’s up with that anyways? can’t a girl have a wallet for the sole purpose of storing money?

So, that’s my shopping experience! I’m beyond happy with my purchases.Comment below how you would wear the previous items mentioned, or what kind of wallets you this are the best. Also comment what you’d like to see more of on my blog! Love to hear from you guys:)



6 Struggles of the Male Population

Hey, guys! I know I already posted today, but sometimes I get crazy blogging inspiration and can’t help but post several times. Being a girl, I realize sometimes it feels like the world is against you.  (possible future blog post?) But what I’ve also noticed is that today’s sexist society has almost completely ignored the issues that men face as well. Boys, this one’s for you! Without further ado, I present to you 6 of the many struggles that guys endure every day.

  1. Depression: Okay so much for starting this post off light. Anyways depression is a serious problem among both men and women. The difference is that boys are taught and expected to act tough even when they are scared or upset while girls are encouraged to express their emotions. For this reason, boys often suffer in silence in order to retain their “masculine” image to avoid being called gay, fag, etc. Speaking of these typical insults, what’s up with that? Gay is NOT an insult.
  2. Dances: As a girl, you aren’t expected to do anything in preparation for a dance or event except to dress up and look pretty. Boys have it hard. I had a guy friend of mine break it down for me. He told me that not only is asking a pretty girl to a dance nerve racking but apparently you also have to do it at the right time. If  you ask too early you seem desperate and set expectations high, but if you wait too long, she might get another date. Props to you, guys
  3. Actual Dancing: As the man you’re also expected to lead while dancing and let’s face it, what guy actually knows how to dance? Don’t worry boys, you’ll figure it out. Just try not to step on her toes!
  4. Overall Masculinity: It seems boys can’t have an interest in musical, choir, dance, cheerleading or anything less than ‘vaping and rapping’ which apparently other boys think is cool. NEWS FLASH. Girls, as well as every other member of society, agree you look ridiculous. P.S: You should give the guys who are into more supposed feminine things some credit. (They are the ones hanging out with your girlfriend while you’re out with your boys)
  5. Friendzone: Ah, the good old friendzone. Why do all of the super nice, great potential boyfriends end up there? It’s a mystery why girls fall for the jerks. Maybe it has something to do with “If he’s mean to you it means he likes you”. Now guys have to decide between their destiny to become trapped in the friendzone, and becomeing a total douchebag. Do nice guys really finish last?
  6. Unrealistic Body expectations: This one is especially true for shorter men. Women can declare without any argument, their undying love for tall muscular men. But the moment a man even mentions preffering thinner or shorter women, the entire population errupts into utter chaos. “What a jerk!”, “How shallow!”, “Typical male attitude” women say as they do the exact same thing. It’s double standard!

Let me know what you thought of this post and comment what you think the hardest part about being a boy would be! Boys, was this accurate? Hope you all have a wonderful night. (or day depending on where you are) I’m currently having a dance party by myself and doing chemistry homework. Pretty great saturday night id i do say so myself. Talk to you later guys!

I Read my Best Friends Diary

Okay hear me out! I jumped on My friends’ bed and broke part of it. (please no fat jokes) Haha anyways… the next morning, I crawled under the bed while she was upstairs in order to see if I could fix it. Long story short, I couldn’t. But here’s where it gets interesting. Under her bed I found a chest, and being the nosey person I am I decided to look inside. I figured “she’s my best friend, I already know everything about her”. Inside I found metals, awards, photos, baby teeth, and a coil book titled ‘Journal’. I let my curiosity get the best of my as I flipped the cover open. The first page was dated 2012, so, I figured maybe it was just a keepsake. but as I continued to read years of my best friends thoughts (ex best friends, boys, becoming a woman, etc) I came across a single page dated January 10, 2016. I read with caution, constantly checking to make sure I was still alone. Many of the things she wrote did not surprise me. But then I saw my name. Next to it were words that were nothing even remotely friendly. She said that although we were close, I got on her nerves like when we were little kids. She wrote that I was untrustworthy with secrets and not a good friend. I thought I was a great friend! someone tell me what to do! If I tell her, she will know that I read her diary. But if I don’t tell her I’ll feel guilty and most likely eventually tell her. Is this a secret I want to keep? What do you guys think?

Poetry Parody

I was feeling poetic, so I decided to put a twist on the poem “If Only you Were Not my God” and secretly dedicate it to my crush🙈. The line “If only he were not my god” was evolved from set poem while the rest is 100% me. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment! I’d love to hear what you all think! So, without further ado…

If only he were not my god

Maybe I wouldn’t feel so self-aware.

determined to inveigle myself upon him

with only the devious intention of bewitching desire.


Maybe I wouldn’t be flustered by his simplest of actions,

Overemphasizing his so called perfection.

Analyzing actions that to others might be considered typical,

monotonous even.


If only he were not my god

Perhaps I could focus less on the structure of his jaw

And more on the task at hand.

Possibly, I’d spend less time admiring the allure of his smile,

Allowing me to concentrate on my own ambitions.


And still, I’d willingly give up everything I know

If only for the chance to hold his beauty in my heart

For he is everything in this world,

And I have found a world within him.


If only he were not my god